Privacy Policy

This will inform you how your data is being collected, used and what cookies are used for.

Data Collection:
The data you provide us such as username, email, password, bio, comments, videos, etc.
There is no data collection without consent, you need to click a button or submit a query in order for data to be collected. 

3rd Party Data Collection
This site uses Google Analytics, which track many things such as country, landing page, browser, ISP and more. Some data is sent to Google so they can process it. 

Why Poly LLC uses 3rd Pary Data Collection
It is used to see what sites are being used and what are not to see what sites to improve, what sites to focus on more, or to delete or remove a site or service. 

Cookies are there to keep you signed in, whenever you are, and are deleted right after you sign out. This site deletes all site made cookies after you close your browser. This site also does not make any cookies if you do not sign in

3rd Party Cookies
There are 3rd party cookies from Google Analytics, which deliver services from Google.