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Form. postponed indefinitley

I don't know, it wasn't fun to make or play.

Website Redesign!!!

For about 4 months, this website has the "Simple Dark" Feel, but I myself feel that new features, new look. This will include all the stuff such as the poly accounts, main site, shop (once I get there) and subdomains etc. It will turn into something that many people have not done since the 2000's...... support for 4:3 aspect ratio and design for all ratios . And to come with this, there still will be the old dark feel, but can be switched in your poly account settings. So people that read this, it won't be now sadly. It's gonna be in about 2 months. Well it is 14/10/2017 right now, so if you are in the future, hope you like :).


Some of you may know that Poly is making a new game called form. There is more info in here. The game is currently undergoing production at it was started apx. 2 weeks ago. Right now, it is about 2% done and it is estimated that it will take about 8 months to 14 months. The realease will be a week or two after the final touches. It will go on steam for PC(Windows), Mac and Ubuntu. If it hits over 5 million buys, then we at Poly will realease a hardcopy of form. 500 for PC, 100 for Mac and 100 for Ubuntu. The Premium version will have 1/10 of the realeases. Form. will also be having changes such as online levels will be implemented to the game before update 1.1. The reason for this is so when the game loses the hype and then the player will be wanting a new update, they will still have the community to give entertainmet while waiting.

Other Games

Other Games will undergo production as soon as update 1.1.5 for form. will realease. See the future to see what games are upcoming.

Is Poly Copyrighted?

Yes. As a llc. Poly LLC.

No Copyright Banner ©(ha get pranked)