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Poly...... :)

Here is the birthday spinner for Poly's Birthday in 2018!

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Poly is a llc that is striving to bring the good into good price.
We (me right now(a 13 year old(and my dad))) at Poly try to get really good software to people like you for a great price.
Everything reasonable.
Nothing overpriced.

"User experience is the most important thing, even after quality" - Poly LLC 2017

Since you're still here then let me give you a tour of what Poly wants to make. First off is form.. (form.) it is a platformer that uses the level editor idea and expands on it to create a thing that lets you create. Later ones are nothing, I really need some IDEAS.

Ok you are still here? Usually most people would have gone to Products, but you know... you're not that kind of person. :p. But really feel free to keep reading on because I may give you a link to a promo to form's alpha and/or beta. And I also may give you a promo code for form. to get platinum for 100% off. Ok you may have read enough for the alpha for form. Here::Pit is not made yet tho

Maybe get on that Discord train?

Invite Link:

Products Again :P.

(colours for you triggered british people)
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Are we doing jokes now?

this is the end of the page. Did you want to see this?

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