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form. form. is a game kinda like geometry dash and super mario maker (please dont sue) combined. The level editor is taken to the next level with YOU making blocks, monsters, you know what? heres a list

Create Block: Create a block that you can draw, or upload an existing block. You can put properties in the block such as it would change the cube, act as a spike or be a launchpad.

Create Group: A group is a cluster of effect blocks (move, rotate, effect, etc.) that keep with the same values through out.

Create Pattern: Same as create group, but any block. Groups are still recomended for effects because it is designed for effects.

Create Variable: A variable is a value that can be used in effects to make, for example, health, score, or timed things. Varibles can be changed with the var effect, unless you define it with the define block (defined variables are constant).

Create Animation: Put blocks in a order with a delay to create an animation without the complex GD way. Another way is to upload an existing animation (not a gif).

Create Key: Put a key into a certain clone so you can press the key and that clone will react to it. Useful for games that are not a platformer.

Create Clone: Create a clone that has the same propeties of the original. Create Key will work with these. Clones can also preform (ha get it?) different things.

Create Function (Premium Only): Create a function out of script and the effect blocks. Similar to Create Group, but functions can also change other outside of the level things such as the song or the position of a song or the background.

Create Code (Premuim Only): Use the form language to enhance your level. It is similar to C++ as it is OOP (uses objects).

Create Gravity (Premuim Only): Change the gravity into a custom block that changes the gravity to any gravity.

So as you see, forms online levels (ver >1.0) will be pretty epic. Should be out next year (2018). :D For windows, mac, and ubuntu

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