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So it seem to me that you came here to see something about us. Well you ended up in the right place! Here is a list about "us"

Thats really it. yep.

Oh so you want to see about the company. Ok.

THE NAME: one night i made the name poly..... well because i liked it. No fancy thing with that. No pet that died in war while trying to kill 100 maifa people but only did 99. And then dies from age. And that dog was named poly. nononononononono.

THE .... CREATION?: I was trying to make it for about 2 months, but then i(we) made it in a week. Skill.

THE WEBSITE: Made in two weeks with pure html, css and js. Oh and did i mention that it was made by a twelve year old?

THE PROVIDERS: Google and GoDaddy. Gsuite and the thing that godaddy made. (the dns manager)

THE FAQS: none. except how can a 14 year old make a website and a company in 3 weeks while still having vacation? Answer: Skill? No actually skill. (see above).

THE COMEDY: none. What, there is? Where? I dont see it.

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