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Poly...... :)

Poly is a llc that is striving to bring the good into good price.
We (me right now(a 14 year old(and my dad))) at Poly try to get really good software to people like you for a great price.
Everything reasonable.
Nothing overpriced.

"User experience is the most important thing, even after quality" - Poly LLC 2017

Since you're still here then let me give you a tour of what Poly wants to make. Games and Website Services. Poly wants to make good games that are fun to play and easy to pick up. Our first game is fdphysics, which is a 2d, 2 player shooting showdown with lots of physics. Another thing that poly is working on is PolyForums. PolyForums is a normal forums, but it's a tag based forums. Tags are the way you can make your post different and people can follow you and those tags. PolyForums will also be heavily community moderated, so no stupid ai banning your post for no real reason. There are a couple of games in developement, and the first game should be out in December. The next game after that should take awhile as it's a big one ;).

Maybe get on that Discord train?

Products Again :P.

(colours for you triggered british people)
Defenitly Not Copyrighted by Poly
Are we doing jokes now?

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